ACTVSM creative
Creatively making a difference


– "A creative consultancy specializing in fashion and activism."



To create relevant media content that promotes social, political, and environmental reform with the goal of improving the livelihood of the planet and all of its beings.



ACTVSM Creative is driven beyond mere aesthetics. Our goal is to make a difference by bringing awareness to important issues and prompting action through optimistic media. We believe in doing more than creating graphic tees, fundraisers, and hashtags. Instead, we prefer to create out of the box multi-media initiatives that are tailored to your purpose. By weaving positive and meaningful messaging into our clients’ marketing plans, we create a sense of trust and loyalty amongst consumers, thus building strong and engaging brands. The altruistic nature of our content has been known to generate noise and excitement while bringing attention to your business. Join ACTVSM Creative in leaving the world in better shape than we found it.



After 10 years in fashion marketing plus over 16 years of activist involvement, ACTVSM Creative has developed a unique expertise when it comes to creating content that ignites change. Our outstanding network of artists and professionals all individually boast immense talent that is fueled by social consciousness. From the organizations we team up with to the professionals we hire, everyone involved with ACTVSM Creative has one major thing in common: We have a necessity to be involved in projects that are bigger than ourselves.

If you have a fashion-oriented business with an ethos that are relevant in today’s era of ‘consciousness,’ there’s no doubt that ACTVSM Creative can assist in elevating and expanding the reach of your mission while creating tangible change.



"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

– Ghandi